Hit the breaks! The importance of taking downtime

This summer got me thinking about how easy it is when you work in academics to just keep on going. Summertime is the time you can take it easy or even go on a holiday, but you may find yourself tempted to (finally) focus on your research since you probably have little teaching obligations. I have always been focused on …

About time, for a blog

“What, July already!?” I think, as I receive emails from the University about the close of the academic year. These past 7 months feel to have gone by in the blink of an eye. At the same time, the start of the lockdown in the Netherlands (that started on the 12th of March), has created a divide in my mind; …

Podcast: Unleashing young people’s creativity in your business (Dutch).

De creativiteit en de manier van denken die jongeren nog bezitten is onmisbaar voor leiders in crisistijd. Eveline Crone, hoogleraar Neurocognitieve Ontwikkelingspsychologie en auteur van het boek ‘het puberende brein, vertelt in deze aflevering van Werkprofessor hoe je jongeren optimaal inzet in jouw organisatie: Find out more about the podcast.

Juvenile Antisocial Behavior during Covid-19

PhD Candidate Ilse van de Groep has written a blog (in Dutch) for NeurolabNL about antisocial behavior during the current crisis. Together with Resist project research assistant Merel Spaander, she explains why youth show (more of) this type of behavior during the lockdown, and why it is particularly important to help the most vulnerable amongst them.

PhD Research in Times of Corona: How I Try to Adapt

As a PhD candidate, you carry out research that no one has ever done before to answer questions that have never been answered. After a few years, this – hopefully – results in a thesis that clearly makes a novel contribution to the existing literature and a doctorate. This is a daunting task – it takes a lot of motivation …

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SYNC ànd swim! Starting a new lab during COVID-19

When I decided to start a new lab, I knew it would be an adventure. But I never imagined our first challenge would be to start a lab in quarantine! In April 2020, my lab and I transferred to Erasmus University Rotterdam. In reality, of course, we started from home, but we all tried to make the best of it. …

Interview: Why Youth Struggle with Corona Rules

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is prohibited to have gatherings with more than three individuals and mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the Netherlands. Young people seem to really struggle to keep to these rules. Why is that? Suzanne van de Groep explains why youngsters struggle with the corona-rules in a recent interview with …