Societal publications

Youth panels

The SYNC lab frequently organizes co-creation and co-evaluation sessions with adolescents in the form of youth panels. According to citizen science, we strongly believe that we should empower our target audience to participate in the full research cycle, from creating questionnaires to communicating research outcomes. This way, we make sure our research touches upon the adolescent’s world, thereby improving reliability of our results and creating societal impact.

Videos and vlogs

The SYNC lab often makes use of visual methods, such as videos and vlogs, to bring our message across. In these videos we dynamically describe our scientific results or explain why youth participation is extremely important for relevant research in the field of developmental sciences.

SYNC magazine

Starting in 2021, the SYNC lab aims to produce one E-magazine per year. We combine our lab’s newest scientific knowledge into one magazine that is accessible for our societal partners.


The SYNC lab encourages research that is carried out in collaboration with societal partners, such as governmental institutes and public organizations.

Media interviews

The SYNC lab values science communication as a way to turn our scientific knowledge into societal impact. Interviews by societal stakeholders are an important way to bring our message across. We do this via multiple media platforms, such as radio, tv, magazines, news articles and podcasts.

Lectures and masterclasses

The SYNC lab often provides lectures and masterclasses on adolescent behavior and brain development for varying societal stakeholders. These stakeholders range from teachers and youth workers to policy makers and IT developers.


To tackle societal challenges regarding youth development, the SYNC lab believes it is important to bring together all stakeholders involved. Therefore, we aim to organize conferences that bring together scientists, policy makers, youth workers and, most importantly, youth.



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