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Welcome to the website of the Erasmus SYNC lab, a research group at the department of Developmental Neuroscience in Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. SYNC stands for Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected. Our mission is to bridge multiple levels of measurement to understand how young people develop into contributing members of society. The SYNC lab is firmly grounded in exciting new perspectives that have emerged from understanding the dynamic development of the adolescent brain. Our vision is that science becomes better when conducted together with societal partners, including youth panels, schools, and co-creation teams. We also strongly believe in interdisciplinary research teams; therefore, we work with researchers from different scientific disciplines, including the social sciences, life sciences, and humanities. Moreover, the Erasmus SYNC lab embraces Open Science through practices such as pre-registration, data sharing and open-access publishing. Together, we hope we can work on providing the scientific building blocks needed to help shape a better future for the current and next generation of youth.  

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