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Reproducibility vs. research data management

Why research data management is critical for open science

When it comes to open science, researchers aiming for reproducible research are most likely to steal the show, for example by sharing data, code and materials. In the meantime, research data management, i.e., how you deal with your data, often goes relatively unnoticed. However, it is my humble (yet perhaps biased) opinion that without good research data management, open science would not lead to much durable scientific progress at all.

What the hack? Bringing about a practical tool through open collaboration

Recently, we released an MRI data sharing guide for Dutch researchers. This is a tool for researchers who want to share brain MRI data but do not know where to start. Such a practical tool is an output form that we as researchers are not very much used to. Creating this guide was therefore a very different process compared to …

Taking steps to Open Science with scientists at all career stages

KNAW Open Science in psychology and cognitive neuroscience meeting December 9, 2019 In recent years, many efforts have been made to shift the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience towards Open Science. This is an umbrella term under which many different initiatives fall to make research more open: increasing transparency, sharing data, open access to research papers, diversity of researchers, …