Eveline Crone
Principal Investigator, Professor

Eveline is full professor of neurocognitive developmental psychology at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Suzanne van de Groep
Postdoctoral researcher

Suzanne is a postdoctoral researcher studying the behavioral and neural development of prosocial behavior.

Karlijn Hermans
Postdoctoral researcher

Karlijn is a postdoctoral researcher studying social competence, focusing on societal impact and evaluating research findings from a living lab perspective.

Lysanne te Brinke
Postdoctoral researcher

Lysanne is a postdoctoral researcher on the Brainlinks project and is highly involved in our citizen science initiatives.

Stephan Heunis
Postdoctoral researcher

Stephan is a part-time postdoctoral research engineer focusing on reproducible analysis pipelines, data management processes, and visualisation.

Renske van der Cruijsen
Postdoctoral researcher

Renske is a postdoctoral researcher studying the neural correlates of self-concept development in adolescence.

Yara Toenders
Postdoctoral researcher

Yara is a postdoctoral researcher, who is interested in mental health during development from childhood to young adulthood.

Eduard Klapwijk
Postdoctoral researcher

Eduard is a postdoctoral researcher interested in the development of antisocial and risky behavior - also has a strong focus on open science.

Michelle Achterberg
Associate researcher

Michelle is an assistant professor interested in longitudinal brain development, social information processing and behavioral control.

Sophie Sweijen
PhD Candidate

Sophie is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus Sync Lab, working on the Brainlinks Project.

Kayla Green
PhD Candidate

Kayla is a PhD Candidate, interested in the behavioural and neural predictors of wellbeing.

Lina van Drunen
PhD Candidate

Lina is a PhD Candidate studying Individual differences in environmental and genetic effects on structural brain development.

Ilse van de Groep
PhD Candidate

Ilse is a PhD Candidate studying the persistence of antisocial behavior across development.

Simone Dobbelaar
PhD Candidate

Simone is a PhD Candidate studying the role of social environment in the neurocognitive development of social competence.

Fabienne van Rossenberg
Junior Researcher

Fabienne is junior researcher in the SYNC lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, she is program manager of the youth participation platform YoungXperts.

Mark Mulder
Data manager

Mark has a background in psychology and obtained his Master in Economic and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University in 2019.

Iris Langereis
Research assistant

Iris is a research assistant, working on the Brainlinks project.

Judith Jacobs-Rijnboutt
Lab manager

Judith is lab manager of the SYNC lab. She helps all researchers with their issues and coordinates lab-wide events.

Dimitri Mau Asam
Art director

Dimitri is Art director and graphic designer responsible for the entire branding of SYNC lab.