SYNC LAB E-magazine: Het Jongerenbrein in de Coronacrisis (Dutch)

Het SYNC lab heeft op basis van recente onderzoeken naar het functioneren van jongeren voor en tijdens de coronacrisis een e-magazine gepubliceerd. Dit e-magazine staat boordevol kennis over kwetsbaarheden en kansen voor jongeren tijdens de coronacrisis. Op basis van deze kennis hebben wij tips geformuleerd waarmee professionals, opvoeders, en beleidsmakers aan de slag kunnen. Meer weten? Lees hier verder:

The art of connection
The art of solitude

Solitude versus connectedness in adolescence

Humans have the fundamental need to be socially connected with others. It is known that being connected with others has strong positive effects on one’s wellbeing. However, during the pandemic all of us experience less face-to-face interactions and, thus, less social connection due to social distancing. Because the younger generation may experience the most restrictions on their daily social lives, …

Collecting MRI data during COVID-19: A crash course in flexibility

“Don’t you feel embarrassed wearing a mask like that?” a 12-year-old asks while listening to the explanation of the MRI procedure. Strange but true: this isn’t an uncommon question in my life nowadays. During a global pandemic in which the importance of science has become increasingly clear, we are lucky enough to be able to continue our MRI data collection, …

Does Human nature exist, and if so, does it matter?

The Scorpion and the FrogAn old Russian fable tells the story of a Scorpion and a Frog. The scorpion, who can’t swim, asks a frog to carry it across the river sitting on its back. The frog hesitates, knowing the danger of playing piggyback with a deadly scorpion. With a smooth voice, the scorpion declares that she wouldn’t dare sting …

Predicting the colors of our emotions

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for months now and we are getting into different situations than we are normally used to – such as working from home – many of us try to detect why we feel differently before and after the virus jumped into our lives. But how good are we in detecting the rush of …

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Co-creation in times of COVID: lessons learned from our first virtual adolescent expert panel

In our research on brain development adolescents are typically involved as participants, but rarely asked for their expert opinion. It’s our vision that science becomes better when conducted together with societal partners, including through youth panels and co-creation. The current pandemic presents a challenge to achieve such co-creation, as live get togethers are no longer desirable. Instead of postponing and …

Interview: How COVID-19 Influences Youth Delinquency (Dutch)

Yesterday, Ilse van de Groep was interviewed by Radio 1 presenter Myrthe van der Drift. During the interview, they discussed the recent increase in juveline delinquency, the RESIST project and how juvenile delinquency is influenced by the current COVID crisis. You can listen to the interview here.

Kian Westbrook’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman. Source: CNN

#ThankYouChadwickBoseman: the desire to be motivated and inspired by others

During the summer break I took a moment to reflect on this year’s struggles; the worldwide pandemic crisis, the racial injustice, how the racism debate (although how can racism still be a debate?) keeps polarizing us instead of bringing us together, and of course climate change it is still here and real… I thought we had seen it all for …