What the hack? Bringing about a practical tool through open collaboration

Recently, we released an MRI data sharing guide for Dutch researchers. This is a tool for researchers who want to share brain MRI data but do not know where to start. Such a practical tool is an output form that we as researchers are not very much used to. Creating this guide was therefore a very different process compared to …

Podcast: Unleashing young people’s creativity in your business (Dutch).

De creativiteit en de manier van denken die jongeren nog bezitten is onmisbaar voor leiders in crisistijd. Eveline Crone, hoogleraar Neurocognitieve Ontwikkelingspsychologie en auteur van het boek ‘het puberende brein, vertelt in deze aflevering van Werkprofessor hoe je jongeren optimaal inzet in jouw organisatie: Find out more about the podcast.

Taking steps to Open Science with scientists at all career stages

KNAW Open Science in psychology and cognitive neuroscience meeting December 9, 2019 In recent years, many efforts have been made to shift the field of psychology and cognitive neuroscience towards Open Science. This is an umbrella term under which many different initiatives fall to make research more open: increasing transparency, sharing data, open access to research papers, diversity of researchers, …

Juvenile Antisocial Behavior during Covid-19

PhD Candidate Ilse van de Groep has written a blog (in Dutch) for NeurolabNL about antisocial behavior during the current crisis. Together with Resist project research assistant Merel Spaander, she explains why youth show (more of) this type of behavior during the lockdown, and why it is particularly important to help the most vulnerable amongst them.

Connecting Society Together

SYNC stands for Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected. This is not just a catchy acronym; it truly reflects our mission: To bridge multiple levels of measurement to understand how young people develop into contributing members of society. All of society: regardless of origin, skin color, gender, education level, or sexual preference. We are concerned about how the recent events of …

Interview: Why Youth Struggle with Corona Rules

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is prohibited to have gatherings with more than three individuals and mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the Netherlands. Young people seem to really struggle to keep to these rules. Why is that? Suzanne van de Groep explains why youngsters struggle with the corona-rules in a recent interview with …

Interview: The Adolescent Brain in Times of Corona

Eveline Crone talked with Radio 1 presenter Patrick Lodiers about the development of the adolescent brain and gives a sneak preview of our new research projects, in which we examine how Dutch younsters experience the current crisis. You can listen to the interview here (in Dutch): https://www.nporadio1.nl/de-nieuws-bv/onderwerpen/534553-het-puberbrein-in-tijden-van-corona