YoungXperts presents manifesto on social inequality in education

Growing inequality of educational opportunities is a widely recognized societal issue, yet where do young people themselves believe the solutions lie? The YoungXperts team explored this together with 700 adolescents in Rotterdam through surveys and brainstorming sessions.


In the newly published manifesto ‘Youth perspective on social inequality in education’ you will find the results: scientific knowledge about social inequality in education combined with creative solutions from young people themselves.

Handing over the manifesto to Albeda mbo

On Tuesday, February 27, Eveline Crone and the YoungXperts team visited Albeda mbo. During the event, Crone gave an inspiring lecture on polarization and inequality of opportunities. YoungXperts researchers Kayla Green and Yara Toenders handed over the manifesto to the board of directors of Albeda, teachers and all other attendees in the room.

The handover of the manifesto is a great first step in the collaboration between the Erasmus SYNC-lab and the education institution Albeda. The goal of this collaboration is to join efforts in advocating for a future in which all young people in the Netherlands have equal opportunities to develop. Effectively addressing social inequality in education is an essential part of this.

Collecting diverse perspectives on societal themes

Complex societal themes, such as social inequality in education, call for an interdisciplinary approach, with scientists closely collaborating with young people, professionals, and societal partners. A diversity of perspectives and knowledge allows us to approach multidimensional problems from different angles.

Curious about the results? View the one-pager here or read the full manifesto.

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Photos: Alexander Santos Lima



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