Check out how we made impact in the last year: SYNC wrapped 2023!

The new year is in full swing, but we would like to take a moment to reflect: in the past year, we conducted 141 brain scans, published 17 times in scientific journals, organized 20 focus groups, and reached a total of over 2800 young people with our work. Our new magazine, SYNC Wrapped 2023, provides a glimpse into our impactful projects and our vision for the upcoming year.

Not only are we looking at the numbers reflecting the past year, but we also like to share the stories behind them. How did SYNC colleagues experience the past year? What were their highlights and challenges?

A recurring challenge in youth research, for example, is recruiting a diverse group of participants. This sometimes results in scientists’ conclusions not being fully comprehensive. With the Urban Rotterdam Project we have been studying what young people need to thrive by doing surveys multiple times a year since 2020. In this project, we specifically focus on recruiting young people from Rotterdam with diverse backgrounds. Over the years, we are getting better at this: this year we studied a good representation of all young people in Rotterdam, unlike previous samples.

Curious about the Urban Rotterdam Project and what else we have achieved? You can read it now in our newly published magazine SYNC wrapped 2023 (to open the magazine, click the link or the image below).

In the coming year, we will continue to strive for an optimal future for all young people, regardless of background. By collaborating with partners such as Healthy Start, GUTS, NJR, Lieve Mark, MindUs, and many more, our scientific research truly contributes to the environment in which young people grow up.

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and X for updates on our impactful projects in the coming year!



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