The Urban Rotterdam project

How do young people successfully grow up in an increasingly complex society?

Moniek Buijzen, Esther van Roozendaal, Thabo van Woudenberg, Anne van Eldik, Andrik Becht, Semiha Denktas, Rutger Engels, Danielle Remmerswaal, Rianne van der Zanden, Rebecca de Leeuw

Erasmus SYNC Lab presents: the Urban Rotterdam Project
Erasmus SYNC Lab presents: the Urban Rotterdam Project

Today’s society is more complex than ever, due to intense globalization and advanced digital technology. How do adolescents and young adults deal with these societal changes, as well as the consequences of multiple crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis?

The Urban Rotterdam Project is an online longitudinal behavioral survey study including adolescents and young adults aged 10 – 25 years living in Rotterdam and surrounding areas with varying socio-economic backgrounds.

This study enables us to understand how the social environment in which one grows up (such as their home environment) interacts with individual characteristics on developmental outcomes such as (mental) well-being, prosocial actions, broader contributing to society, and feeling empowered.

Interested in collaborating? A link to a meta-data file, describing all the Urban Rotterdam Project’s measures can be found here. For collaborations, you can contact Sophie Sweijen:

All peer-reviewed publications from the Urban Rotterdam project can be found here (sort by project Urban Rotterdam).

This work was supported by an NWO Spinoza grant and an Erasmus Trust Fund grant awarded to Eveline Crone.



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