Societal impact and outreach

Connecting to society:

We strongly believe that results should be clearly communicated and made accessible to the wider public. We often present our results in interviews, newsletters, E-magazines, blogs, social media posts, vlogs and popular science books. The core team ‘Open Science: Outreach’ develops novel ways for communicating science.

Societal collaborations:

In our lab, the connection from society-to-lab is as important as lab-to-society. Connecting to society is a two-way stream where we learn from our societal partners how they interpret our results and feed that back into our research designs. This also helps us to improve further outreach initiatives. The core team ‘YoungXperts’ develops novel ways to connect with youth and societal partners, including panel sessions and collaborative research projects.

Using developmental science to give young people the best possible future:

Our mission is to use our science not only for scientific curiosity purposes, but also to make this knowledge available to create a better world for young people.