Equal opportunities and talent development

Diversity in our teams and samples:

We celebrate diversity and want to include the talents of all people in our lab. Therefore, we pay special attention to providing opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups; we defined smart goals to achieve a better representation of all talents in academia. The core team ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ continuously monitors and aims to improve our efforts towards inclusion and diversity.

Talent development to become the best version of yourself:

No path is the same and there is no best career path. We believe that each individual follows his or her own path and defines their own goals and dreams. We therefore find it important that everybody has enough time and opportunities for personal talent development. We also look for ways in which members of our team can help each other to achieve personal learning goals and how the team can advocate culture change in academia. We discuss these themes in the core team: ‘On Being a Scientist’.

Supporting scientists with their family life:

We don’t want to lose talented researchers in academia because of temporary rush hours in life. We support scientists with young children, care taking tasks, informal care or other personal situations. We provide flexibility in office hours, and emails or work to be returned at flexible times. We use a trust-based approach based on intrinsic motivation. These issues are frequently discussed in recurring skills meetings and in more informal meetings with primary and secondary supervisors.