Eveline Crone is full professor in Developmental Psychology, with a special focus on Developmental Neuroscience in Society, and she leads the SYNC lab (Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected).

Eveline’s research examines the psychological and neural processes involved in self-regulation and social development. All of her work employs a developmental cognitive neuroscience approach to examine the relation between brain development and changes in psychological processes from birth to adulthood, with a special focus on adolescence. One of her special interests involves enrichment of cognitive and social experiences of children and adolescents using longitudinal, training and intervention designs. Besides her mission to do innovative scientific research, her lab invests in the contribution and translation of scientific findings to society. 

Eveline obtained her master’s degree in developmental psychology from the University of Amsterdam, based on a one-year research internship at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her PhD, cum laude, from the University of Amsterdam; her dissertation is entitled: Performance monitoring and decision-making: Psychophysiological and developmental analyses. After her PhD, she spent 2 years as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis. In 2005 she came to Leiden University, where she was appointed full professor in 2009. In 2013 she was an elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and in 2017 she joined the Scientific Council of the European Resaerch Council (ERC), the European Commission’s excellence program for Frontiers Resaerch. As of 2020 she is Vice-Present of the ERC’s Scientific Council for the domain Social Sciences and Humanities. Since 2020, she is Full Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, with the goal to make impact in society. 

Eveline is supervising the following PhD students:
Kayla Green
Sophie Sweijen
Simone Dobbelaar
Lina van Drunen
Ilse van de Groep
Philip Brandner
Suzanne van de Groep
Bianca Westhoff
Renske van der Cruijsen
Jochem Spaans

The following PhD students received their PhD under her supervision:
Linda van Leijenhorst
Wouter van den Bos
Dietjse Jolles
Bregtje Gunther Moor
Margot Schel
Sandy Overgaauw
Bianca van den Bulk
Geert-Jan Will
Barbara Braams
Sietske Kleibeuker
Sabine Peters
Jorien van Hoorn
Rosa Meuwese
Neeltje Blankenstein
Lisa Schreuders
Mara van der Meulen
Michelle Achterberg
Laura van der Aar

Research interests: Self-regulation, Planning, Risk taking, Social rejection, Prosocial Development, Neural Development, Adolescence


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