Youth perspective on social equality in education

Societal partners:
NWA, Albeda, Erasmus Verbindt, IDEA center, Netwerk Nieuw Rotterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam

Youth perspective on performance pressure

Societal partners:
NWA, Netwerk Nieuw Rotterdam, NJR, Erasmus Verbindt, Healthy Start, Hogeschool Rotterdam, CBSPlus and Comenius Collega

Attention for young people’s welbeing

Needs of adolescents in the way out of the COVID crisis

Societal partners:
RIVM, Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports

NWA Youth Challenge Manifest

Societal partners:
Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda, MDT op Zuid, NJR

The impact of the evening lockdown on the mental and physical wellbeing of students

Sync team members:
Societal partners:
ACLO Studentensport Groningen and student initiative ‘Lieve mark’