Kayla Green is a PhD Candidate in the SYNC lab. She is currently working on two projects: Brainlinks and Urban Wellbeing during Covid-19. Brainlinks is a longitudinal MRI study which focuses on the development of prosocial behavior during adolescence. As part of this study she examines the neural correlates of parenting self-evaluations, of parents whose children and adolescents have participated in the first wave of the ‘Brainlinks’ project. She intends to link this with the self-esteem of both parents and child. For the Urban Wellbeing during Covid-19 project Kayla’s aim is to get more insight on the impact of the Corona-virus on the wellbeing of youth in Rotterdam. This challenging period may cause difficulties for some adolescents, but may also be a window of opportunity for others as they start to contribute to society.

Kayla has an background in psychology (Utrecht University, 2015). After obtaining her bachelor she continued with her research master (Neuroscience & Cognition, 2018) and clinical master (Neuropsychology, 2017) degree at Utrecht University. She did her clinical internship at the Neurology and Geriatrics Department of Spijkenisse Medisch Centrum where she also obtained her BAPD (certificate in psychodiagnostics). Her first research internship was an interdisciplinary study on the behavioral and neural underpinnings of alcohol use in adolescents vs. adults (collaboration between Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam). Her second research internship was part of the Self-Concept project at the Brain and Development Research Center (Leiden University), where she aimed to identify different developmental neural trajectories for boys vs. girls when making direct and reflected self-evaluations in the domain of physical appearance. After her internship she remained at Leiden University to work as a research assistant.

Research interests: wellbeing, neural development, adolescence and young adulthood, individual differences

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