Yara Toenders is a postdoctoral researcher at the Erasmus SYNC lab. She is interested in mental health during development from childhood to young adulthood.

Yara previously did her PhD at the Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne in Australia. During her PhD she focused on depression in young people, more specifically on the onset of depression and the heterogeneity of depression. She was also involved in the international ENIGMA MDD consortium, a worldwide effort to combine data to increase our understanding of depression.

Before her PhD, Yara obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and finished a Neurobiology research master at the University in Amsterdam. During this Master she first gained experience with neuroimaging in young people. At the Amsterdam Medical Centre, she studied brain connectivity in children with a posttraumatic stress disorder.

Iris Langereis is a research assistant at the SYNC lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Her focus lies with the project ‘Brainlinks’, where she works with participants at the LUMC as a MRI lisence holder. Iris is responsible for the supervision the communication with participants and also supervises the hormone data collection. She also recently started to develop and set up co-evaluation sessions with former participants of the ‘Brainlinks’ project, through which she tries to bring fundamental science and societal value closer together by including the adolescents in answering questions about for example the outreach strategy. Last year, she also collaborated with the SYNC lab to work on some of the COVID-19 well-being projects, mainly by datamonitoring and data cleaning. 

Iris just finished the Research Master at Leiden University, where she specialised in Developmental Psychology. For her research internship and thesis, she investigated the effects of childhood parental death on adult attachment styles.