The core team ‘Outreach’ focusses on how the scientific SYNC lab output can make societal impact (including, but not limited to outreach). We contribute to our outreach products and develop a vision on how to best communicate our findings. Take a look at our societal output.

The core team ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ continuously monitors and aims to improve our efforts towards inclusion and diversity. We use smart goals to diversify our research samples, to create an inclusive education and work environment, and include other voices. Ultimately, this will help us to expand our view and understand what is important for all of society.

The core team ‘On being a scientist’ develops a vision, tools, and resources to reflect on what it means to be a scientist. We consider the role scientists should take on within society, scientific integrity, our lab’s research culture, talent development (recognition and rewards), and work-life balance.  We regularly invite scholars to reflect on their lessons learned during their academic career.

The core team ‘Data management / Open Science’ works on a long-term vision, tools and resources to continuously improve how we conduct, publish, evaluate and communicate our research. We work on practices to foster transparency (i.e., make content available and accessible), collaboration (within our lab, with other researchers, youth and other stakeholders), and societal impact (including, but not limited to outreach).

Read more about our open science practices, or take a look at our societal output.

The core team ‘YoungXperts’ develops novel ways to connect with youth and societal partners, including panel sessions and collaborative research projects. One of our initiatives is the ‘YoungXperts’ platform, by which we aim to empower youth by sharing scientific knowledge and encouraging youth participation to arrive at solutions for complex societal problems.