Renske is a PhD Candidate in the Society, Youth, and Neuroscience Connected (SYNC) lab, studying behavioural and neural development of self-concept in adolescence.

Renske obtained her research master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Radboud University Nijmegen, where she investigated intentional control in adolescents with and without autism, and worked as a research assistant at the Baby Research Center.

In January 2016 Renske started her PhD project in the Brain and Development Lab at Leiden University, supervised by Dr. Sabine Peters and Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone. She specifically focuses on mother-child interactions, and the (perceived) role of peers in relation to adolescent self-views. Additionally, Renske is interested in implicit and explicit self-concept in youth with autism spectrum disorders.

Research interests: Self-concept Development, Neural Development, Adolescence

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