Lina is working as a PhD candidate on ‘Individual differences in environmental and genetic effects on structural brain development’ at the SYNC lab in Rotterdam and the CHANGE lab in Leiden. This project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone and Dr. Lara Wierenga and part of the Leiden Consortium on Individual Development (L-CID). Since there are changes in brain development around early puberty, she wants to find out how these variations are sensitive to puberty and sex. Furthermore, Lina aims to unravel individual differences in sensitive periods of brain development. Sensitive periods reflect ages in which the developing individual is more susceptible to environmental effects. To do so she will work on a large twin sample aged 7-13 years old, including three longitudinal measures. 

During her bachelor Psychobiology, Lina developed an interest in research while contributing to an EEG project on social exclusion at the la Sapienza University in Rome. For the first time she felt the rush of science and an urge to develop herself as a researcher. The research master CognitiveNeurobiology and Clinical Neurophysiology in Amsterdam helped her gain confidence in finding solutions to complicated research problems. Lina’s final research master internship in the Brain and Development lab in Leiden was a good preparation for her PhD in which she examined self-concept in the fMRI scanner and how genetic and environmental factors influenced the behavior and brain areas involved in self-concept.

Research interests: Structural brain development, twin design, social environment, music ability, self-concept